The Hidden Health Benefits of Coffee

The Hidden Health Benefits of Coffee

This is going to come as a shock to a lot of people, but coffee is just loaded with health benefits. It is true! Because coffee tastes so good and provides so much pleasure to coffee lovers, it stands to reason that it would have to be unhealthy…like French fries or T-bone steak or a good cigar, right? Nope! Wrong! Coffee is actually good for you and it is just full of health benefits.

First, coffee has long been known to improve mental alertness and relieve the boredom of repetitious tasks, but that is not even a scratch on the surface of the health benefits that coffee provides.

Coffee has been proven to delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Those who are regular coffee drinkers are diagnosed far less often and later in life for both. There are good scientific studies that back up this claim.

Coffee also is loaded with antioxidants. There are scientific studies to back up this claim as well. Regular coffee consumption has been proven to prevent type-2 diabetes in older people. It has also been proven to prevent colorectal cancer. There is also research that suggests that coffee is helpful in fighting Parkinson's disease, cirrhosis, gall stones, and depression.

Coffee drinking can be a wonderful aid in helping reduce body weight. Yes, coffee is a natural appetite suppressant and it provides stimulant that helps people exercise more. Coffee is also a natural pain reducer, so it helps to relieve physical pain caused by exercise.

Coffee actually has so many health benefits that maybe it should be called a "health elixir." We can drink our coffee and know that we are not only not doing any harm to our bodies but actually providing health benefits for it.

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