About Us

Our Story

Born from our pursuit to find the best coffee, Just a Grind was founded on the principles of sharing those premium beans at the most affordable price - after all, coffee is best enjoyed with others!

Family owned and operated, Just a Grind isn't just our company name; it's our philosophy. A philosophy that is focused on the journey and not the destination, and of positively impacting the world where you can. Armed with this motto, and our passion for Craft Brewed Coffee, we set out to create a store that reflects everything we stand for, centered around everyone's favorite morning fuel - coffee!

Coffee is just as unique as the individual brewing it. And that's the essence of Just a Grind, bringing unique people premium coffee, all while making a difference where we can.

Our Planet

Here at Just a Grind , we recognize the importance of creating a better planet. We realized that in the sourcing of high quality, hand selected gourmet coffee beans from around the world that we need to be part of the change. This is why we donate a percentage of every sale to various non-profit organizations and causes, with the goals of bettering the global community. It has become our mission to create a better tomorrow for all of us, and we invite you to join us on this journey!

Our Grind

We at Just a Grind are fully dedicated to providing other coffee enthusiasts with nothing but the best. This is why all of our coffee is specialty grade - and of those, we only offer the best, we'll never sell coffee scoring less than an 85 by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America). This means that all our beans rank in the top 5-7 percentile of all the coffee in the world. All this to ensure that you receive the best cup of coffee day after day.

Another of our goals is to connect people to the land. Therefore we made sure to include information of the farms growing our beans for each of our coffees. Not only is transparency important to us, but giving our customers insight into where and who is growing their coffee, bridges the potentially impersonal process of buying coffee. People are what makes coffee awesome, both from their growing and brewing of it and their enjoyment from it, so it only seemed natural for us to link the awesome people buying our coffee to the awesome people growing it!

Just a Grind is a young company with aspirations aimed to create a big impact. We humbly invite you to join us on our journey to creating a better planet, one cup at a time!