Help Those In Sudan

Stand With Sudan

From the beginning, South Sudan was one of the poorest countries in the world caused by years of chronic underdevelopment, conflict, raging violence, and natural disasters. However, since the outbreak of fighting in December 2013, humanitarian needs in South Sudan have escalated to alarming levels and the situation remains highly unstable and insecure.

Today, violence continues to spread, forcing hundreds of thousands of people to flee from their homes and move into camps and in the bush. The number of South Sudanese refugees sheltering in neighboring countries has passed 2 million, creating one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters.

This has led up to the current political climate, culminating in the killing of 100 pro-democratic protesters and the injuring of more than 325 others on June 10th in the nation's capital. Now more than ever, the people of Sudan need our help.

To learn more about the on going issues in Sudan and about the Sudan Relief Fund CLICK HERE

How To Help

In our efforts to help communities in need, we are donating 20% of all the sales on our site to the Sudan Relief Fund. And as it is our goal to raise awareness of the aide needed in Sudan, we're extending this effort for the rest of June. Thank you for joining us on our journey of creating a better planet, one cup at a time.