Kati ya Giza - African Blend-(f)

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Kati ya Giza - African Blend

Medium/Dark Roast

Brownie, Berry, Dark Chocolate

Our Kati ya Giza is a blend of coffee beans sourced from Mount Elgon in Kenya and Uganda, the Matengo Highlands in Tanzania, and the province of Sidamo in Ethiopia. Mount Elgon is an extinct shield volcano on the border of Kenya and Uganda. Due to its high elevation and creating a sweet yet acidic bean, the coffee grown here also reaps the benefits of pulling earthy tones from the rich soil of the area, even pulling some notes from the rare flora that grow in the area. The Matengo Highlands are a small area on the western side of Tanzania. The area is know for its unique agricultural practices which has created environmental sustainability within the Highlands, which compliments the high altitudes and subsequently, the quality of the beans grown there. The province of Sidamo in Ethiopia is the southern most area of the country. Beans grown here are all SHG (Strictly High Grown) as they all grow at altitudes 1,500 - 2,200 meters above sea level. The beans grown in these highlands of Ethiopia are known for their sweet and distinct cupping notes of citrus and berry. As coffee is the largest export of each of these countries, it was important for us to find farms that shared the same view of sustainability and quality that we hold ourselves to. As a result, every farm used in our Kati ya Giza blend places an importance on the environment, and to creating the perfect bean. 

Kati ya Giza is the perfect blend of deep richness and grace notes of berry sweetness. Every sip from your cup will boast a velvety smooth start that warms the palate with deep chocolaty tones before the berry sweet notes join the symphony to round out this blend's medley. Our Kati ya Giza is the perfect African coffee experience and will convince you why the region is so well sought after for their beans.


Grower Various small farms in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia
Variety SL28, Ethiopian Sidamo
Region Mount Elgon, Matengo Highlands, Sidamo
Harvest March – June
Altitude 1000 – 2200 meters
Soil Clay minerals
Process Fully washed and sun dried.